Lent: Explore a season of possibilities

February 14, 2013


We parked the car down the hill and around the corner from the event. It was a fair hike for a small child, but we were headed to a school festival complete with bouncy castles and games, so the child did not complain.

We trudged around the corner and just as we crested the top of the hill, the little child holding my hand stopped dead in her tracks and gasped a loud gasp. So loud, in fact, that I thought something was the matter. I looked around and saw nothing gasp-worthy, nothing scary or out of order. As I was about to tell her we needed to hurry up and keep going, she said with awe, "Oh, Mommy, look at all the wish flowers!"

I looked again across the grassy field and saw that it was dotted with countless dandelions, all going to seed, white puffs of smoke growing up from the blanket of green. Wish flowers. I hadn't noticed. I had seen weeds, pests or problems if I'd seen anything at all but the little child had instead seen possibility, countless wishes to be made and maybe fulfilled, a cause to stop and gasp in wonder and awe.
Wish flowers. I hadn't noticed them, and if I had, I would not have seen wishes; I would have seen worries.

I've not forgotten that radically different perspective. Every now and then when something invasive, persistent or pesky pops up in a field that I'd rather be uniformly green, I ask myself if perhaps it is a wish flower I failed to see. Maybe there is possibility I've missed.

Am I about to trample over the delight and joy that God has placed directly in my path? Maybe I need to stop, take a closer look and notice life's intricate, fragile, unexpected beauty. Maybe I need to envision something lovely, some deep, heartfelt wish for myself or for the world. Maybe I need to take a deep breath and then let it out, watching seeds of hoped-for good fly off, catch the wind and soar and then gasp in awe at what might happen as a result.

During this season of Lent, from time to time, stop, take a breath and gasp in awe at the possibilities that God has placed in your path. Become like a little child and see wish flowers rather than weeds, the kingdom of heaven, right in front of you.

Grace and peace,

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