When a pastor leaves ...

January 8, 2013

Because many of our members are new to the Presbyterian tradition, here is a reminder of how a transition of church leadership occurs.

Leaders of Session (Personnel, Administration, Council and Clerk of Session) have gathered to make a recommendation to the Council of Ministries (chairs of each ministry unit and Presbyterian Women) about forming an interim pastor search committee. The Session will vote on this recommendation at the stated meeting on January 13. Jill Duffield, who serves as senior associate pastor, will resource the interim search process and serve as acting head of staff until an interim pastor is in place.

The Council of Ministries will also develop a plan by which a Pastor Nominating Committee (PNC) is nominated and elected by the congregation. The PNC will begin its process by writing a Church Information Form, advertising the position, soliciting recommendations of candidates from others and beginning a discernment process that will lead Shandon to call a new pastor and head of staff.

As we say farewell to Agnes and her family during January, please also be in prayer for God's guidance and we begin to look for new pastoral leadership for Shandon.