Guatemala mission 2012

Please be in thought and prayer for our 33 Guatemala travelers, made up mostly of Senior High youth, as they go on their journey July 12-21.

Check back for updates throughout the trip.

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Wednesday, July 18

We returned to the church in Chimaltenango worked on a wall inside the church and cleared the main street. Of course we were joined by all of the children of the neighborhood after school, and we ate lunch one more time with all of the vecinos (neighbors). You will see a picture of the lovely Sali who is showing us the correct way to eat.

In the afternoon, we traveled to Panajachel, which everyone agrees was one of the most beautiful rides we've ever made. We came down from the mountains on a winding road to Lake Atitlan. The weather here is cooler and everyone wears beautiful, multi-colored clothes. Today we go hiking in the mountains and later will shop around Panajachel. Tomorrow we go to the Women's Collective where they make all of these beautiful things by hand. Click here for pictures.

(NOTE: Today will probably be our last post as we will be quite busy from here on out and they turn the Internet off at night.)


Tuesday, July 17

Today we were in Chimaltenango putting a concrete floor in La Iglesia de Cosecha, which is a neighborhood church in that town. We also had a team landscaping in the city in one of the neighborhoods. We were able to eat with the people of the neighborhood Cosecha and play with the children.

On Wednesday, we will be moving to Panajachel, Guatemala, and we have no idea if there will be Internet connection for our the last three nights. We are in Panajachel for two nights and then Antigua the last night. (Please note that updates during this time may be spotty, if at all). Click here for pictures.

Monday, July 16

We visited the headquarters of CEDEPCA this morning and had two classes on the meaning and history of CEDEPCA. In one of these meetings, Arthur Fuller led one of the classes in "calming" exercises for victims of earthquakes and hurricanes. In the afternoon we visited, Meseo Popol Vuh, at Universidad Franciso Marroquin, the Museum of Maya History, where we ended up making clay pots like the early Mayans. After we returned, Grace and MC led a yoga class. Click here for pictures.



Sunday, July 15, 11:34 pm

Today was the group's first "work day," filled with much manual labor, character building and memories. Our Shandon group met up with members of the Techo organization to help transport building materials to various locations in a community on the side of one of Guatemala's mountains. The work was hard, but the end result was more than fulfilling. We learned that we helped Techo to transport the materials for 91 homes. The Guatemalan people demonstrated such an overwhelming sense of community and gratitude toward us as they took pride in helping us complete our jobs. Despite a few sunburns, bruises, and scrapes, everyone in the group is fine and healthy, and ready for a good night's sleep. Tomorrow holds lectures about the organization that we have been working with, and a trip to a museum. Click here for pictures.



Saturday, July 14, 12:22pm

Just returned from a visit to a children's program called Jesus Es el Camino at a local church. We divided into groups with the children and sang, hit a pinata and taught English with the program which is designed to teach the Guatemalan children "how to dream" and create goals for themselves. The flight yesterday went smoothly, and we arrived in Guatemala around 11:30 a.m. after a small delay. On Friday we learned about the organization, Techo, (similar to Habitat for Humanity) that we will be helping. We learned that our job will be to transport the building materials to the work site. So far the food has been delicious and the people have been wonderfully gracious. At the moment, everyone is settling down for a relaxing rest of the day at the center where we are saying. Click here for pictures from our time at the Jesus Es El Camino church. They show the children hitting pinatas for fun, Frank Clark with many of the children in the sanctuary, and Eddie Alford and Daniel Lott playing guitar for the children.  - Hugh Jacobs and Sarah Steedman